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Metal Braces

Our Most Popular Option!

The most popular choice at our Western Sydney clinic: Metal Braces. A great option for patients of all ages! Metal braces are the perfect choice for those seeking versatility and efficiency with their orthodontic journey.


Metal Braces

Our Alloy Option

Our most popular choice at our Western Sydney clinic are our Metal Braces. A great option for patients of all ages, it is a perfect choice for those seeking versatility and efficientcy with their orthodontic journey.

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Why should I get Metal Braces?

Our most cost-effective option!
The most versatile option in both function & aesthetics.
The most commonly chosen treatment option for all ages.
The most efficient way to correct your alignment.
Choose from an array of colours to personalise your braces!
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Start your new smile with $0 upfront costs

No initial payment is required to begin your journey
Budget friendly Orthodontic treatment options available
Ask our friendly team about how to start on 4572 7564 and to find out more
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No other hidden costs! Our overall payment includes:

All 6-8 weekly adjustment appointments after braces are attached.
Personalise your braces and change your colours every visit!

Any accidental breakages or wire repairs.

Removal of braces and polishing of teeth at the end of treatment.

 Upper and lower fixed wire retainers to secure your perfect smile!

Custom made top and bottom clear removable retainers to keep your teeth straight.

24 months of guided aftercare once braces are off.

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How often do I need to see my orthodontist for braces adjustments?
You will need to see your orthodontist every 6 – 8 weeks. Often towards the end of treatment adjustment appointments may even be 2 – 4 weeks apart. This period of time may vary depending on your personalised treatment plan.
Do braces hurt?
Having your braces put on does not hurt at all! This is the easiest part. During the first week of having braces your teeth will feel tender. That’s why we recommend you have a soft food diet during this time. The less pressure you put on your teeth, the more comfortable you will feel. After each adjustment you may also feel tenderness in your teeth that should not last more than a few days at most. For the most part of having braces, you will be quite comfortable – sometimes even forgetting that they are there!
Do I get to change the colours on my braces?
Yes! At every orthodontic check up appointment you get to change the colours of the modules or elastics on your braces. These elastics are a functional part of your braces that hold the wire onto the brackets on your teeth. As they lose their elasticity over the 6 – 8 week period, new elastics or modules will be placed at your adjustment appointments. Because of this you get to pick new colours each time! We can even make a pattern with two colours!
What happens if I break a bracket?
If you break a bracket by accident, simply give us a call and we’ll book you in to have it reattached to your tooth. This does not cost anything extra!
What can I eat with braces on?
Pretty much anything! As long as it isn’t too hard or sticky. Avoid hard food like whole nuts, hard cookies or the popcorn kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bucket! Sticky lollies, chewy muesli bars and chewing gum should also be avoided. Hard and crunchy fruit and veggies such as: raw carrot, corn cob and apple should be cut up.
What is the right age to get braces?
Everybody is different! You can never be too old to get braces or seek orthodontic treatment. There are some orthodontic problems that may need to be addressed in young children who may not have all their adult teeth. Meanwhile we also have elderly patients with orthodontic concerns that need to be treated later in life. To find out whether you need braces, book a consultation appointment with a friendly Orthodontist!